How often to clean your carpet professionally?

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    How often to clean your carpet professionally?

    Ever see your kids running through the rooms with their muddy shoes on, watch the pets coming in from the yard, or clean up after a large in-house part and wonder how often you should clean the carpet? We’ve got you covered!

    High traffic areas obviously require more attention, same to households with small children and pets. 

    A professional carpet cleaner is cleaning a grey carpet in a house.
    • Houses with kids 

    Kids love exploring and are very active. It comes with no surprise that one minute you turn away, your kids have already made a painting out of the carpet. Kids can also spill juice and tear it through the rooms without taking their shoes off. If this is the case, ideally, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. It’s important that you don’t leave the gap between cleaning longer than a year. 

    • Pet-friendly houses

    Furry friends are cute and make the place feel more like home. However, they are not exactly friends with the carpet. Loose hair, paw prints, and dirt marks brought from the outside require homeowners to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week. If odours exist, you can spread some carpet powder on the surface, let it sink in for about 30 minutes and vacuum again. 

    High-traffic carpet and rug areas will need more frequent cleaning every three to six months. Of course, to give your carpet a deep clean, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner at least every 6 months. 

    • Someone in the household has allergy

    Carpet fibres catch dust and debris that are flying around the living areas. Gradually, they build up and can easily be spread around the room when someone steps on them. Therefore, if you have someone with allergy living in the house, it is better to vacuum the carpet at least once a week and have it professionally cleaned every 2-6 months to thoroughly remove allergens.

    • Bright-coloured carpets

    Bright-coloured carpets are classy and brighten up the room. However, having them in the house also means that any dirt marks will be quite visible. It generally requires more effort to keep it clean and preserve the original colour. The cleaning products and water temperature used when cleaning the carpet affect its colour. It’s best to try to clean the spills right away and hire a professional cleaner every 6 months.

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